In a world saturated with hyper–accelerating technology and unseen integration, Ironstone Media Corporation is bypassing the need to stay current simply by staying ahead of the game. Call it the Ironstone Media Advantage. The IMC umbrella offers the best in print services from conventional offset print to the latest in digital and virtual print. Comprised of Web Offset, LinkPath and IMprint, IMC offers tomorrow's print standards today, making sense of new technologies while incorporating traditional methods so the client doesn't have to.

The IMC story begins with Web Offset, a pioneer in offset printing in Canada, first setting up shop nearly five decades ago. Just as Web Offset established a strong foothold in the world of print, LinkPath continues to find success by mapping new technologies and innovations to set the standard in virtual print.

LinkPath is essentially a digitalized pressroom, replacing massive presses with computer workstations, delivery vehicles with the punching of a few keys resulting in the creation and development of digital editions and websites. It is a powerful cost–effective system perfect for a client whose customers are on the go, and whose advertisers seek fresh multimedia ideas not possible with conventional print. LinkPath's creative and accomplished team will bring your ideas to life, translate your imagination into reality and in the process reach a larger customer base at a significantly lower cost.

IMprint, the third member of the IMC family addresses the needs of clients by producing everything from inserts to internal documents, variable data, marketing kits, collateral material and commercial products.

Yet it is not just technology that gets our client's content off the drawing board and delivered to their audience. It's the ability to blend the products and services we offer, Hybrid Print, to reach a broad audience using a variety of delivery methods all under one roof.

New vision, new strength, more creativity and innovation for customers.

Ironstone Media...change the way you see print.